Industry Insight: The Future of Storytelling Festival

The Future of Storytelling Festival, #fostfest2016, took place this weekend in NYC.

Here are some highlights featuring innovative projects in the field of fiction, gaming, animation, journalism/education, and music.

Please click on the project to get more information/a demo.

  • REMINDER. This music video uses gaming aesthetics and Virtual Reality (VR) tools to create a dystopian musical experience.
  • THE DEEPER THEY BURY ME (award-winner).This is an interactive encounter with one of America’s most famous political prisoners.
  • CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF MYSELF. Innovative music video by Santigold which uses the camera of your computer or mobile device to incorporate you into the video in real time.
  • CLOSE YOUR. A first-person game that uses webcam-based face detection to take you through another person’s life every time you blink.

  • FLIPPAPER. You can draw and actually play your very own pinball machine using only markers and paper.

In the News [week of 25 April]


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