Update from the field: Hera and her people

If you pass by the AKE studio at GESCI these days you will not be able to ignore the energy in the air.  The working space is full of ideas, materials and people busy developing details, characters, stories and in fact a whole world.


AKE participants are exploring, through a mythical fantasy story,  the important role women play in society. So far we know that there will be a super heroine called Hera, and that she is commited to, and loved by her people the Nangwe community. She will embark on a journey to challenge poverty, with the help of friends and mentors and will hopefully challenged us to understand what roles we have in making this a better and more just world.


AKE participants will develop the story of Hera both as a short film and a game. We are looking forward to the 2nd of December, when the film and game should be ready! We will be sharing some developments as the team advences and welcome ideas and imput from friends of AKE.



In the News: Week of 11 July

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