In the News: Week of 21 November

Kenya2016 Broadcast, Film and Music Africa (BFMA8) conference takes place 23-24 November at the Kenya National Theatre.

South AfricaGame design is becoming a great career option in South Africa.

Namibia: FabLab fosters innovation through knowledge and skills transfer in digital technologies, advanced manufacturing, design thinking and industry 4.0 applications.

UgandaUgandan animation and gaming startup Tamithi is taking on bigger players across Africa with its locally relevant games and films.


In the News: Week of 7 November


Who is going? From 10 to 11 November, 20 startups from nine African countries will pitch at Angel Fair Africa in Nairobi, Kenya.

Africans will spur creativity and innovation by celebrating their own excellence.

How to grow a business in Africa- 4 Marketing tips for startups.

The Joburg Film Festival coincides with the three-day TV market, which is expecting more than 2,500 industry delegates.

The animation work of Japan’s Studio Ghibli combined with actual real life video footage as background.

WAGE16 and the potential of the gaming industry.

In the News: Week of 24 October

Interview with Eyram Tawia, CEO and Co-Founder of Leti Arts that creates locally-relevant content and games based on African superheroes. Tawia is a participant of the Slush Impact Accelerator Program for changemaker entrepreneurs.

Q: What is your company’s biggest challenge?

A: Lack of skills in the market. We want to use local expertise to create games that can compete globally. But we’re facing a challenge. We have to build an industry, not just a company. We must invest and train individuals in order to have people to work at our company.

The Importance of African Storytelling in Film


An interview with Nigerian fashion designer, Deola Ojo

Listen: Karoni Foli ….exploring the roots of bass Music with a very african sound design

First Kenyan producer to work at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong studios


In the News: Week of 17 October

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 9.29.55 AM.png


Malika: Warrior Queen, a fifteenth century West African queen and military commander will be the protagonist of a graphical novel

Mentoring spurs tech innovations in Kenya

Kwaito culture spawned a number of cultural industries including magazines, fashion, radio stations, websites and television shows.

Infographics for cultural and creative industries in Africa and the Middle East

In the News: Week of 26 September

EVENT! Innovation Africa 2016 in Kenya

KNOW YOUR MARKETs! Five Shifts Set to Shape the Future of Africa’s Entertainment & Media Industry

KNOW YOUR MARKETS! This is what makes up South Africa’s massive R3.7 billion videogame industry

AN INTERESTING MODEL: EkoBITS an ICT and digital design school with core mandate to improve the lives of youth from underprivileged backgrounds in Nigeria has opened

Yaw DK Osseo-Asare talks about the origins of Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform (AMP) in Ghana, and on the importance of empowering African young people to make technology to remake the continent


Young women in Senegal are pushing cultural and gender boundaries, using coding and entrepreneurial skills to enter the mobile technology industry

“Thanks to animation films, the more young people will be able to understand where they came from. Today, most of the films make reference to animals that is, it uses the animals in place of people. But if you go a back in history, you will see that this begun in Africa from our stories…” Steve Ndoumbe, Cameroonease director ( at Cameroon and animation film business )


In the News: Week of 4 July

What we have learned lately, in images

It has been fascinating to get all these images ! Thank you for allowing us to share some of the insights, passions and learning opportunities you have had. As usual is very enlightening to notice the variety of interests, skills and motivations that we have when learning.

Here the complete collection of the image probes we got back. They all talk about the energy that circulates when learning, in all aspects of our lives. Enjoy

Mercy: The photo attached below  shows how important it is to take care of young animals and young children. At birth,the calf shivered,it was cold. I had to take a blanket and cover the calf, give it a hold and affection, eventually it slept off. The child’s mother left the baby crying, I gave a hold to the child and a motherly affection, the baby stopped crying and slept off. As human we assume that animals don’t need as much care but they do. Their mothers can’t give a hold or as much affection but we can. I felt the affection and connection, give it a trial and you will feel the same and view it my way.


Taking Care


Albert: This week I have thought about knowing what you want and going for it.



Olipha: The photo was taken during learning time with my fellow students. I was drawing a character animation that is, so i paused to take a photo.


Taking a pause

Edna: This is a photo of me learning how to use the wacom for last week’s project which was to make a storyboard for an advert.


Making a storyboard

SparkMyke: Having a good time in the new studio


Good times!

Maurice: Here are several attachments based on the things I’ve learned and what i am in the process of doing. The first  several images of a person hitting a table right from the first pose to the pose where he hits the table hard. The image is just a sketch of how the real product shall be. The second  is a complete drawing of a character alias dee dee which i use for my training purposes.



Soire: In the past few weeks, I have learnt to use my immediate environment as a source of inspiration to create backgrounds for 2D animations. Below is an example of reference image from our classroom window and it’s unfinished 2D render that I am working on.


Reference & representation

Immaqlate: I added the score board and scores appear after each and every pin you hit to my bowling game in the woods.


Bowling in the woods

Andika: Working with logic as a professional D A W…Never used a mac computer before to make music and now the whole experience is becoming professional to me.


Professional experience

Makossiri: In the past few weeks we’ve been learning a lot about our cultures and identity and this inspired me to visit the Kenya National Theatre in search of musical instruments from my ethnic tribe(luo). This is me playing the Nyatiti, an 8 stringed lyre from the luo community originally played by men.


Playing the Nyatiti

Mista: This week I was working on a football penalty game as shown on the photo….I was able to get a character with animations controls plus I added some script to it for the target score.


Animating a football player

Francis: I have been learning how to use Wacom for better drawings in Animation.


Drawing better animations

Nancy: I learnt how to put characters in a box. My character is one with attitude but still graceful and cultured. Using lines to express one self.


Creating characters with attitude

Kahama: Team work!


Team work

Stephen: I was able to come with the game functionality such as hitting the golf ball. That has been achieved through some of the skills I earned over the last week.


Game functionality

Ruth: I have been working on a common game I used to play while young, called Rounders’. I placed my scene at our famous Uhuru Park that’s right at the center of the city. I used to the cubes as safe areas in the game and my character needs to step on them to be safe from getting hit by the ball. Though challenging when it comes to scripting, its coming up well and soon will be done. It awakens great memories and am happy that it’s coming to life.


The joy of digital RoundersK

 Kevin: no caption


Willis: The activity I’ve been up to this week, including yesterday, was doing some aerial shots with my new Dji Drone at Kiambu Tea Farms and the Great Rift Valley.


Drone images

Andrea: I discovered that it is not so good idea to put to much glue in the circuits of an electronic embroidery… makes it difficult to repair 🙂


Glue things carefully, stitch profusely!


Minna's photo

Minna’s learning from everyone’s photos (& check out the article recommended by Victor about creative industries, under the Resources tab!)