Welcome to the research section of The Sound of the City!

This blog is intended as a “working diary” for the “Making Of… The Sound of the City”  Here, we want to document the innovation and learning process towards the final product. Therefore, everyone involved in the project is a key contributor here. And that is why every thought, observation, vision, opinion, experience is relevant and important. This is a platform for everyone, so while the “curators” of this blog sometimes post questions for you, please feel also free to initiate topics and discussions. Everyone directly involved with The Sound of the City will get administrator access to it. Also, please feel free to share, comment, question, describe “The Making of…” in any way you want: Short comments, long essays, images, video, sound… To get us started, let’s do a round of introductions. Please tell everyone who you are, what your role is in TSoTC, and what your main expectation about the project is. Please post your intro below. The format is free — the floor is yours.