In the News: Week of 5 September

Africa Will Build The Future Says Zuckerberg, Visits Kenya On First African Trip

 Mboka, a rwandan theatre production directed by Carole Karemera Umuringa, features original writing, dance and music from a wide variety of Rwandan artists.

What Really Is ‘African Music’?

The Pan African Youth Orchestra ( in Ghana teaches children 6 to 16 on new traditional African music by making African music that utilizes instruments from diverse musical cultures from the continent.

Check this interview with Moyin Oloruntoba, she is the creator of A1 an online African Entertainment & Pop culture channel targeting the African youth market:


AKE’s creative pub on Saturday 13.08! Join us

Participants of the AKE Creative Media Venture program are organizing an event at Unga House (Nairobi) where they will be showcasing the creative ventures they are working on. The event runs from 9 am until 4 pm. We are very excited to learn more about their projects and plans for the future.

During the event communities, investors, media and anyone interested in the future of creative industries in Africa can learn about:

  • VerbHouse
  • Vidosho
  • ARTariKREAtions
  • DEBE records



To learn more about the ideas behind AKE creative media venture skills program watch the video that AKE’s host organization GESCI has created: