Value Proposition Statements for AKE startups


Dear AKE participants, lets collect your start up value propositions:

What ?
Value proposition statements(*) are short texts (1-2 paragraphs) that are used in branding and marketing to hone one’s brand identity.

Your start up name:

Members of the start-up:

For (target customer – who are you targeting?)
who (statement of need or opportunity of your target customer)
the (product or company name)
is a (product or company category)
that (statement of key benefit / compelling reason to buy).
Unlike (primary “competitive” alternative),
Our product (statement of primary differentiation – what makes you special).

… And WHY you are doing what you are doing, your passion, from your personal perspective!

Please answer these simple questions as a startup (do not send answers separately but coordinate and send one per start-up) and send your response to Victor, Andrea & Minna by Friday 10 February. You may want to do this ASAP to help you prepare for the pitching event.

When creating a brand, you are always “looking outward”, that is, thinking about what you can do for your customer, how your clients would see you.

You final text (that you can post on your own marketing platforms) does not need to be this formulaic – but start with answering those questions above and send your answer to us. After that, you can hone the text to your liking.

For example, this is the Value Proposition for Apple MacBookLight:

MacBookLight. Years ahead. Our goal with MacBook was to do the impossible: engineer a full‑size experience into the lightest and most compact Mac notebook ever. That meant reimagining every element to make it not only lighter and thinner but also better. The result is more than just a new notebook. It’s the future of the notebook. And now, with sixth‑generation Intel processors, improved graphics performance, faster flash storage, and up to 10 hours of battery life,* MacBook is even more capable.

More information:

* Geoff Moore popularized this concept in his book Crossing the Chasm.


Question of the Week: Who’s a great innovator?

Congratulations on the Showcase  to all participants and tutors! And onto next challenges…

Case studies of success are often used in business studies and strategy building to analyze and emulate smart decisions and creative solutions.

This week, we’d love to get your input for such case studies:

Who do you find to be especially successful and noteworthy innovators?

They don’t need to be people (only), they can be projects or businesses that you think do brilliant, unique, innovative work creatively, or in terms of branding, marketing and sharing their vision, of product innovation, of exporting their goods…

So, please comment below:

  1. Who/what is your “innovator hero” (you can mention more than one)?
  2. What makes him/her/it especially noteworthy and unique? What kind of innovation does s/he/it engage in?
  3. Can you share a link /image/any other further resource with us?

We will share a summary of your findings here on the blog.

Thank you again!