About Research

This blog is the key hub for the collaborative research program of GESCI-AKE2016 “A CreativeMedia Venture” in Kenya. GESCI-AKE Living Lab (LL) research 2016  is a part of the GESCI-AKE Creative Media Venture Training Project

The blog serves  participants, instructors, potential users, industry representatives, as well as creative, technology, pedagogical, and other experts involved and/or interested in the project.

The research is based on a dual framework of educational innovation and industry-start-up innovation in the field of digital cultural industries (DCI). It is designed to study the context, stakeholders, and innovations of the training through ongoing involvement, participation, and sharing of insights, via multitude of methods, by all stakeholders.  The LL research  supports the educational process during the training itself, but also gathers insights for sustainability of the Creative Media Venture beyond its training phase.

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Please see our research framework here.

AKE “A Creative Media venture” is an initiative of GESCI – African Knowledge Exchange.

From March to December 2016 the blog is curated by Minna Horowitz and Andrea Botero.

From November 2014 to March 2015 the blog was curated by Minna Horowitz and Vesa Saarinen of Aalto University Media Lab.



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