Lessons from Value Propositions


Two weeks ago we asked you to create a Value Proposition for your start-up. We wanted to know where you are at right now, soon ready to pitch to clients, who your envisioned customers are, what the “value” of your product is, and how you differs from other companies — what makes you special!

Thank you everyone for your submissions!

1. General Observations

  • Many of your start-ups work in several fields of cultural industries.
  • If not, then your start-up is “multi-skilled”, i.e., your product relies of many fields of expertise.
  • Most of you note that you fill a “niche” that has not been addressed: Be it unique service, or the quality or the product, or your delivery format.
  • The more concrete you are, the more convincing you are. For example, ARTARI has a very concrete, engaging description of what they do and why they are different (gap): 

    WHY US

    We aim to provide Africa and the World business with an authentic voice bank because we identified a gap and need in Africa that SAUTI will bridge and make it easy to access African voices and traditional sound bank (Africa music beats, and movie scores in Africa) unlike from the usually expensive  platforms offered by agency companies.

2. Tips for Further Action

  • You can use your Value Proposition for creating any kind of content: Website, social media presence, pitches when you meet the clients. The bottom line is: You should be able to say in one sentence the core of your Value:
  • For —– For young creative talent of animation, sound design, and game design
    who —–  who are interested in honing their digital and business skills
    the (name) — GESCI-AKE Creative Media Venture
    is a — is a training and incubation program
    that — that helps you to take your talent to the next level:
    Unlike — Unlike many start-up hubs focused on technology
    Our product — we value local cultures and get inspiration from them.



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