Live Blog: GESCI-AKE Showcase 6 Dec ’16!

We are live from Nairobi :). Welcome!


Our objectives for today:


Objectives for the day

With the help of guests and friends of AKE


Introducing Hera of Nangwe (trailer and game)

A trailer of Hera and how it was made. We saw interesting characters! A young woman, her mother and some of her people. There was an intriguing tree and the backgrounds we got a glimpse to see really worked as teasers.

Is the video on line people asked?

Introducing Sponsa (trailer)

What an improved version! Sponsa (The Sponsor web animation series) drew a lot of smiles and laughs from the audience here at the Golden Tulip Hotel. Sponsa is set up in an urban environment and the characters talk in nice mixture of local languages and English.

Welcome to AKE – Fostering Local Culture in Creative Industry Start-Ups by Jerome Morrissey

Jerome reminds us that:

Youth unemployment is a central challenge to address for Africa and AKE is working on skills that could help African youth (and others) to marry their potential with technology. We need TECHNOLOGY based SKILLS, they are important for the future of Africa and its youth and that is at the center of AKE program

We also need new connections, new forms of learning and new spaces to develop new skills. All these need to be tight to entrepreneurial aspects so that we can secure the future. The way jobs are being made and created is changing. There would not be any factories anymore. To start new ventures, that is to be an entrepreneur you need to practice, you do not learn it from a book. You practice until you get it right. It is a learning process.

Today is about bearing on mind those facts of life we just talked about.What can we do to create a model for skills development that is real, tight to practice?

The AKE program will be extended until JUNE so we can help these start-ups. By next June we want to have a model that makes sense.

Why we concentrate on the creative arts? It is an obvious industry for Kenya but we are only getting it right now. We have a visitor from Nigeria. Nigerians have shown us the way, we consume all the time Nigerian content. Why Nigerians are not consuming Kenyan content? Because it does not exists, it is not visible. We need to be there!

Our model for creating skills that combine technology with Youth potentials however should be generic, and should be applicable to other areas.

Visitor comment (Abu Bahka (? check name):

Technology is an opportunity! We can create wealth in Africa, movies, games… we can create jobs for ourselves and our communities.

Jane Muchiri from the ICT ministry in Kenya:

“Probably is about resistance to change, and people take time to adapt. We of course have sustainable efforts in the ministry. Our curriculum development is working on that. We have seen that the technology literacy program may seems like a drop in the ocean but it is a starting point. Maybe we see the fruits in a few years? We have issues with connectivity, but we are working on them.”


Mary:  is time to see what models we need! She reminds us that the ministry’s effort is not a small drop, but a massive one. These are exciting times. We need robust models that can contribute to the drops in the ocean.

Short intro to the insights from the LL research and the emerging AKE model:




Insights from the action research

Mary asks what expectations do AKE participants have?

We are looking forward to meet partners, get to showcase what we have been doing and show what we can do in 2017.

We are a looking forward to learn says Mary. we need critical support

Showcase! Participants present their projects and pitch them to attendants at their allocated areas.

Visit the spots and get to know the 7 exciting ventures that AKE has created.


Verbhouse showcasing their ideas


Artari kreations pitching their sauti database


Tripeltouch does DJ-ing


Cristal Quad Illustrations

Showcase on the stage


  • Makossiri Faith (musician) and Reuben Besa (Music Producer) showcase a track of the album the Dreamer.
  • Kevin Abuto (producer) showcases sound production work done for different clients
  • Andika Wilson (producer) showcasing sound production work done for different clients.


Buffet at the 1ST floor

Guest commentary: Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship! Few lessons

By Simunza Muyangana (Bongo Hive Founder)

In Zambia we used to think that is the only way to make money is to dig copper. But we have come to realize that by solving our people’s frustrations we can also do other business. It will pay back.

My first client taught me my first big lesson:

“Do not make it hard for me to pay you”

You have decided to work around creativity. You talk passionately about what you do and the services you offer. If you have a product is easy (lets say you sell milk) But with a service you need to be in consistent communication with your client.

PAY ATTENTION! Play close attention to what the client wants. Why they are paying us? We need them to understand why they will pay you.

It was interesting to hear for example in Artaris creation’s project how they are listening to possible customers. Be open to what value addition you can provide! Growth?

Always deliver! Lets be the generation that change the old ways of thinking: creatives are always late, NO: be on time. Deliver on time because your clients have deadlines.

You do not want the tax authorities to come knock your door. If you start day one with that discipline and take care of your paper work you will thank yourself down the road. It gives you longevity.

Do not forget the boring stuff! Paper work, invoices, taxes, etc.

I Welcome you to the world of entrepreneurs! It is hard, but it is rewarding. And probably the most relevant route for us in Africa, since the so called “jobs out there” that some people talk about, they do not necessarily exist.

Workshops of co-learning – Participant-Driven themes

Mary: What stands out? We mapped together before lunch some of the themes you consider the most important ones when setting up your business. Almost 18 give highest priority to business models. This is the planning you need to have! Creative needs to think about all aspects, including  this. Second marketing and outreach! and third Intellectual Property. Why culture did not got so many votes?

Lucy: perhaps lack of instructions. It is a key issue.

xx: Well, it is also about global competition

Abu Backa: Thinking about culture… We have problems in Africa that we can provide solutions in Africa. Take the example of money transfer with mobile phones. We have opportunities to solve our local problems. To be successful in that, we need business models. Our realities, we need to make them visible.

Silvester: The way I see, yes we can be driven by culture, but there needs to be a business opportunity first. We can not only do things for ourselves. The discussion needs to happen in that area of business opportunities, which we can do then of course with a culture drive.


working together in groups

“Passing out parade”

Certificates are given. We are so proud ❤

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