In the News: Week of 26 September

EVENT! Innovation Africa 2016 in Kenya

KNOW YOUR MARKETs! Five Shifts Set to Shape the Future of Africa’s Entertainment & Media Industry

KNOW YOUR MARKETS! This is what makes up South Africa’s massive R3.7 billion videogame industry

AN INTERESTING MODEL: EkoBITS an ICT and digital design school with core mandate to improve the lives of youth from underprivileged backgrounds in Nigeria has opened

Yaw DK Osseo-Asare talks about the origins of Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform (AMP) in Ghana, and on the importance of empowering African young people to make technology to remake the continent


Young women in Senegal are pushing cultural and gender boundaries, using coding and entrepreneurial skills to enter the mobile technology industry

“Thanks to animation films, the more young people will be able to understand where they came from. Today, most of the films make reference to animals that is, it uses the animals in place of people. But if you go a back in history, you will see that this begun in Africa from our stories…” Steve Ndoumbe, Cameroonease director ( at Cameroon and animation film business )



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