Expert Guest Post by Pat Daly: Great to be back!

By Patrick Daly

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 12.25.35 PM“Delighted to be writing here in Nairobi, observing the exciting ongoing developments here in the AKE program. The city is as busy, alive and great as ever, we are so happy to be back!

It was great to meet the tutors and participants over the past few days, and to reengage with the GESCI team here in Nairobi is always inspiring. The participants present an exciting and wide-ranging mix of talents, experiences and skills. They are smart, articulate and communicative, enthusiastic, and together they co-inspire and encapsulate the Living Lab methodology.

The Living Lab we have previously written and read about is reflected in AKE very clearly in the work, integration, and experiences of the participants. Here on the ground, there is a rich sense of collaboration appreciable in the room. The continued sharing of skills and ideas presents an inspirational working environment.

Our work here continues this week in collaboration with the AKE tutors and staff. We are concentrated now on refining the program model, reflecting on the work and development so far. Through the experiences and creative output of participants, the thoughts and insights of local tutors, integrating our own observations, we work towards evolving the Living Lab to its full potential.”

Patrick Daly and Liam Caffrey are currently in Nairobi to collaborate in developing the next steps of the GESCI-AKE Living Lab process. They have worked with the programme for several years and have been instrumental in the creation of its Living Lab concept.


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