Question of the Week: Who’s a great innovator?

Congratulations on the Showcase  to all participants and tutors! And onto next challenges…

Case studies of success are often used in business studies and strategy building to analyze and emulate smart decisions and creative solutions.

This week, we’d love to get your input for such case studies:

Who do you find to be especially successful and noteworthy innovators?

They don’t need to be people (only), they can be projects or businesses that you think do brilliant, unique, innovative work creatively, or in terms of branding, marketing and sharing their vision, of product innovation, of exporting their goods…

So, please comment below:

  1. Who/what is your “innovator hero” (you can mention more than one)?
  2. What makes him/her/it especially noteworthy and unique? What kind of innovation does s/he/it engage in?
  3. Can you share a link /image/any other further resource with us?

We will share a summary of your findings here on the blog.

Thank you again!


25 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Who’s a great innovator?

  1. Freddie Wong.
    Dude started off small. With a PC and a friend with a camera. Now with 7.7M subs on YouTube they make one of the best vfx sketches online.
    Ryan Connolly
    He did some construction work then used his savings to get a camera that he used to give free services to people. Now he has the most reliable filmmaker’s guide vlog online.

    It’s people like this that inspire dreamers to try.


  2. Mark Richard Shuttleworth
    Born 18 September 1973, is a South African entrepreneur and space tourist who became the first citizen of an independent African country to travel to space. Shuttle worth funded and founded Canonical Ltd. in 2004 and as of 2013, provides leadership for the Ubuntu operating system. (

    Erik Hersman
    A blogger, TED fellow and entrepreneur Founder of IHub (An open space for the technologists, investors, tech companies and hackers in Nairobi. iHub is an Innovation hub and hacker space for the technology community in Nairobi that was started in March 2010.)

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  3. I have several innovators but my innovator, who led me to choosing the career path in gaming is David Jones and Mike Dailly. They are creators of renown of the action and adventure game called Grand Theft Auto. The G.T.A actually moved me deeply with the dynamics used to develop it and the characters used. Its a high end game and am inspired to get to their levels.

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  4. As I’m not super tech expert in music/game/animation expert I would probably go along the lines with Victor in that a great category of innovators is the one that includes *people who can bring people together*..

    But, my true HERO INNOVATOR would be a young Finnish woman who’s specialty is teaching kids computer knowledge & coding in a fun way. Her name is Linda Liukas and she has written children’s books on computers:


  5. Amazing!

    I’m passionate enough about my craft. My inspiration and my hero is from my fellow soundies and more importantly my mentors. Personally I them as a location sound entrepreneurs more thus how far we are today. They believe world over we still need to have more sounds for work flow and creation of employment. Recently one of my mentors Matt Price from England developed an App for troubleshooting while on location targeting the sound engineers world over.

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  6. Aaron Hillel Swartz (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013)

    was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer, and Internet hacktivist. He was involved in the development of the web feed format RSS and the Markdown publishing format, the organization Creative Commons,the website framework, and the social news site Reddit, in which he became a partner after its merger with his company, Infogami.

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  7. My innovator Hero must Sam Gichuru

    Founder & CEO of Nailab, one of Kenya’ s leading business incubators.
    Co-Founder of KuHustle

    I love his work and innovation in the I.T sector of Kenya. His innovation has led to growth of several Business in the country.

    I would like to interact with him and find out more about him.


  8. Steven Jobs and Ub Iwerks. Steve Jobs is as an American information technology entrepreneur and inventor and is widely recognized as a pioneer of the microcomputer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s.
    Ub Iwerks is a great animator who was born in Kansas City, Missouri, where he later met Walt Disney and the world of animation changed forever. Iwerks and Disney met when they were both working for the Pesman-Rubin Commercial Art Studio in Kansas City, and the two became fast friends. The pair made an excellent team; while Disney came up with the ideas and sales techniques, Iwerks was a fast and incredible capable animator. The two eventually set up shop in California under Walt Disney’s name and began turning out animated shots. The lore behind the creation of Mickey Mouse varies greatly, but it is well known that Iwerks was the man behind the movement of the mouse, while Disney was responsible for characterizing Mickey. The two scored a major hit with the first “all-talkie” cartoon Steamboat Willie. Iwerks also worked on many technical developments in animation, including the multi-plane camera – integral to the hand animation process.
    To me Iwerks is a great inspiration in the animation platform while Jobs is a great innovator and entrepreneur as well who had much to offer and they stand to be my heroes as far as Animation and Entrepreneurship is concerned.
    You can view and learn more about my Heroes in the links below;

    Steven Jobs:
    Iwerks Ub:

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  9. My innovator hero is Gregg Tendwa,a cultural artivist and creative director at Wibo Culture, a creative enterprise that specializes in production,preservation and promotion of authentic cultural experiences in music,food,fashion,games and storytelling.

    He is also the founder of Santuri East Africa, an East African initiative that facilitates collaborations between musicians,Djs and electronic music producers with the purpose of supporting and nurturing a spirit of artistic adventurousness,bridging the gap between traditional artists,cultures, and the cutting edge of the global underground scene.They also work towards the vision of an authentic and globally recognized East Africa sound.

    Check out his works on this links


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  10. I have couple of Heroes Kwame Nkuruma, Gaddafi, Mwalimu Nyerere and so many others but in the art industry my Hero is Taylor Perry he is a good actor and a director his movies have awesome stories

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  11. I specialize in painting sculpting and graphic design, currently practicing animation. I draw inspiration mostly from my peers Ed Wanaina ,Nancy Chela, Allan Madegwa just to name a few. They all inspire me in the different areas they major in.

    Gerard Motondi, A sculptor and my sculpture lecturer is My Innovator Hero.I admire his work ethic, he’s never late to class and he’s all about helping his students be all they can. There was a shortage of tools in the sculpting workshop such as chisels and mallets and he brought us his personal tools to use, he’s constantly showing magazines of the sculptors and works they have done, these things he doesn’t have to do but he does them anyway, he goes the extra mile. He has displayed works in Penza museum of Fine arts- Russia “sad memories and other stone works” Olympic Fine Arts Museum-Beijing

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  12. Most of my work is inspired by the environment,i like to stroll meanwhile observing the people,architecture and the basic Nairobi culture and the most interesting part of it is that even though i get to view the same environment every day,it never becomes boring,Nairobians are creative and innovative in their daily lives and a great boost to artistic study in preparation for a final composition on paper,canvas or electronic app. Most of my mentors are my peers ranging from Gesci to the road to the Ghetto to school to home and upcountry to life in general.

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  13. my mentor,hero is the late Allan Mwaniki. He inspired me to venture into the animation field through his animated works which motivated and pushed me towards a career in animation in contrast to my initial dream,tour guide.
    In respectful memory of him,i would like to be a superhero and save people as he did through animation.

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  14. better late than never :):

    1) “El campo de cebada (The barley field)” A project of the residents of the La Latina neighbourhood in Madrid that took over a site earmarked for the construction of a public facility, converting it into a meeting place for a wide-ranging series of events including inflatable pools, open-air cinema and neighbourhood breakfasts. A place that specks against indifference, and proof that it is possible to shape a city (and other things!) together

    2) I long been interested in midwifying as a possible lens to “innovation” and in many ways the practice of Angelique du Coudray, a midwife in France during the 16th century who gained fame when men were taking over the field is quite interesting. Amongst many things she designed this wonderful textile/fabric device called “the machine” which was a sort of lifesize obstetrical mannequin, for practicing mock births. Her work is really fascinating also since she comes from a long lineage of midwifes doing all kinds of innovations.

    3) During our work with Minna in AKE i also have discovered very talented African people doing amazing things. For example Filmmaker and animator Ng’endo Mukii . Her Yellow Fever short piece is very powerful.

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