Question of the Week: Who’s a great innovator?

Congratulations on the Showcase  to all participants and tutors! And onto next challenges…

Case studies of success are often used in business studies and strategy building to analyze and emulate smart decisions and creative solutions.

This week, we’d love to get your input for such case studies:

Who do you find to be especially successful and noteworthy innovators?

They don’t need to be people (only), they can be projects or businesses that you think do brilliant, unique, innovative work creatively, or in terms of branding, marketing and sharing their vision, of product innovation, of exporting their goods…

So, please comment below:

  1. Who/what is your “innovator hero” (you can mention more than one)?
  2. What makes him/her/it especially noteworthy and unique? What kind of innovation does s/he/it engage in?
  3. Can you share a link /image/any other further resource with us?

We will share a summary of your findings here on the blog.

Thank you again!


In the News: Week of 27 June

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.03.46 AM

Showcase 24.6.: Live blog!

AKE2016 ‘A Creative Media Venture’: End of Skilling Phase showcase event

It has been three months since March 11th when the training and Upskilling phase of AKE’s ‘A Creative Media Venture project’ began. A total number of 20 students will be graduating to phase two and three after this showcase.

Venue: GESCI’s AKE Lab — Date: 24th June 2016  — MC: Duncan Onyango

We will be liveblogging the event: Stay tuned!

Live coverage on Twitter / and on Facebook

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 5.20.34 AM

Program of the day

The event preparations started in good spirit! At 10:30 is sunny in Nairoby (and in Helsinki) and everybody is busy setting up their projects and checking the connections. Shylor helped us with video connection, which unfortunately is not smooth. There is some live tweeting already (Andrea)

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.12.52

The even kick started with a fantastic performance by Ritongo Africa Afro and Folk Music. We could have dance in New York and Helsinki, the rhythm was contagious!

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.46.50

Showcase live report setting: Video connection with Nairobi + Shyla and Victor tweeting and we blogging from New York and Helsinki.

Before the actual show case starts,  Abuto and Chela participants of the program welcomed guests to the showcase and shared their experiences: They have had fun, they have learned to work under pressure, to make workarounds and new connections. “People are more confident and can produce things, those  you will see and listen today”.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.38.36

Tutors are also sharing their views and advice for the participants:

“Stay curious and humble, work hard… and this is only the beginning.”

Some good results, promising ideas are already taking shape: A group is working on a mini TV serie dubbed ‪#‎Sponsa‬ The series has two episodes already and they will be working on more as the project gets into the Second Phase. Another team is developing a brand called “Debe Recording” who will be doing animations and films for commercial consumption.

Now we will dwell more in concrete examples, all work in progress, of what the participants have been working on:

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 5.12.57 AM

The showcases of  participant work so far are starting a bit after midday!

Good discussion on global markets: We need to make AFRICAN games  and other cultural products and tell our OWN stories for the thriving global market.



Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 5.25.47 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.04.19 AM


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.13.07 AM

Music: The audio incorporates two main languages in Kenya, one tune is just in English, showing why Africa is a beautiful continent

“Everything can be magic and it can be done!”

Comments to the music team: This is impressive. Everything’s done from the beginning!

Tutor Grand Master Masese: “ How to be an African? Many forms of culture. We come from many places and that was my inspiration… What I have seen so far — we can do even more!”

Guest commentator, journalist Daisy Okoti: “AKE is a very special place to be!
What’s here to talk about: CULTURE. As a creative it’s important to know where you are coming from, where your roots are!”

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.00.12 AM

“This is the best and the worst time to be a creative. The information age offers both challenges and opportunities. Artist creates art. But communication is the key: the better you communicate the better relationship you will have with your audience! If you are trying reaching the global audience.”

“It’s about the basics: I don’t think about this as limiting creativity and imagination but as a form that audiences recognize: introduction – middle – conclusion.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 5.53.57 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.08.56 AM

“We live on a climate of rapid change. It’s possible to take advantage of the changes while incorporate our cultures. Remain in touch with technological change and monitor the changes in culture as well, shifts in opinions. When you look back in time you can see the role of culture in change, in political struggle.”

“So we do music and culture meet? You have to actively think about the interaction between the two. We need to think about multiculturalism: We have a fusion of cultures. So we need to understand where we are coming form: then we can think through everything critically.”

“As a creative, your role is to be a critical thinker. As creatives you are responsible for our culture.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.26.42 AM

Guest Commentator Ododa Oduko Edward: “You can start from scratch to make music instruments! You are lucky GESCI has provided modern equipment to do everything. So you should take advantage to sell the African Culture!”

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.32.17 AM

Victor Omondi, AKE Manager: “Africa as a whole is looking forward to see what you’ve got!”

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.43.23 AM

“Next step: We will sit down with you and talk to you — are you ready for the next phase?! And then experts from the industry will come and work with you.”


Jerome Morrissey, GESCI CEO: “Thank you to Finland for funding the program. I have also discussed with several organizations (e.g., the EU, the African Union) about our unique model for the future. 28 million young people in Africa are unemployed. We need models like AKE: combinations of technology and creativity! There are going to be so many new fields and jobs driven by technology we don’t even know about yet!”

“Don’t replicate. Influences need to come from everywhere! Think beyond!”

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 7.14.48 AM

“I am so proud of you that even in this short time already, you have been able to progress so far! In the next phase, do NOT neglect your basic skills as musicians and sound designers, game developers, animators. Our tutors, you rose to the occasion! We are trying to provide a generic model of the program for the future, we believe this is a great model for the future.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 7.01.52 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.18.39 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.08.56 AM


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.08.56 AMSave

In the News: Week of 20 June

Monitoring & Evaluation: Your Experiences So Far

Working in creative industries means constantly checking on how the market, your clients, your collaborators, and you yourself as an artist-entrepreneur are doing.


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 6.26.11 AM


Let’s see how we’re doing right now and what kinds of ideas you have for the GESCI-AKE Creative Media Venture. You have just completed the first evaluation. We summarized your ideas for you here.

Please take a look, and if you feel like it, add new ideas as comments below!


The best of the best:

  •    Screen-ups are essential! “Help in our growth”.
  •    Team work is key! “The same spirit will keep us walking”.

Practical take-aways this month:

  •    Specific artistic-creative skills: Exaggerated forms to create an interesting animation; character design; how make a soundtrack; creative writing and drawing, scripting; how to use Adobe after-effects; HUD Interface: “A very interesting topic and an achievement!
  •    Concrete constraints and practices: Media law, intellectual property rights and law.
  •    Tools of the trade: “I learnt that a client can reject your entire year’s project if he/she feels it is not right. And to save on time it is good to start afresh considering the input of the client.”

We need more of:

  •    Time! “I would love if we could be meeting up even on the weekends and extra hours just to catch up with the current ongoing projects”.
  •    Connectivity: Better Internet access.
  •    Specific tools: Adobe after effects and other software, scripting…
  •    Business-market-marketing-start-up skills and knowledge: industry knowledge and analysis, (global) marketing strategies “I feel I need more knowledge in project management in the field of talent and also more in networking.”
  •    Instructional design: Video tutorials, smaller projects; AND complete projects. Field trips?


The best of the best:

  •    The interactive open classes: the life cycle model.
  •    Screen ups: Work shared from blogs and from videos and audios; rigging of characters; great progress in sound design; great work in 2D animation!
  •    Guest speakers (especially the intellectual property lawyer “who came as a guest this month provided very useful information for the students and us tutors on legal practices to adhere to when dealing with clients to avoid mishaps and copyright infringement”).

We will do [more of]:

  •       Every class is important and time management is key so that it may be easier for everyone to progress at the same time at the same level.
  •       Smaller class assignments, maybe to check the progress and encourage more student discussions; will integrate the enterprise model as well.
  •       Focus more on exposing the students (through videos) to international industry experts.
  •       Repair all slow machines.

In the News: Week of 13 June