Question of the Week — for the United Nations

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Dear Participants and Tutors!

You are experts. You are concretely working on creating art and artifacts… Music, games, soundscapes… An earlier Question of the Week highlighted that you will be offering people cultural products, locally, nationally, and globally.

Innovation by entrepreneurs, ICTs, and creative industries is a hot topic globally, also at the United Nations.  The UN is organizing a related symposium on 6-7 June in New York.

You have been asked to share your views, to be presented at the UN symposium:

What, in your opinion, is the role of creative industries and innovation in development of a country/region, or the world?

Please respond below as a comment to this post, by Thursday, June 2nd!

(In your answer, you can refer to cultural, political, economic, environmental, youth development — or any other kind you want.)

Please let the world know how you, current and future professionals in the field, see this!

We will summarize your answers for the event, and for you here on the blog.

Thank you!


22 thoughts on “Question of the Week — for the United Nations

  1. Create awareness in the best possible way for a moral and up-right society especially with the tech-savy modern world.

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  2. One of the problems we face when starting up as animators is access to facilities and mentors. Creative industries can mitigate these by providing Access to industry standard equipment and the relevant software for animation. Also, we should encourage more collaboration among creatives and our artists (writers, musicians and film producers) to create quality animation content engineered for our local market. -Soire Dickson

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  3. it creates job employment to youths and keeps them busy. Youths are the future of a country/ place. The culture grows when the youths are in control and the environment changes politically and economically.

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  4. To improve a better way of living, build more industries to curb unemployment and create room for expression.

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  5. Start-ups and technology hubs such as the AKE’s ‘Creative Media Venture’ in the ICT sector are the drivers of innovative and practical solutions that can contribute to inclusive growth. For instance you can read how nailab: has been able to nature creative artists through incubation to real businesses.

    Victor Omondi AKE ” A Creative Media Venture” Project Manager

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  6. creative economy contributes to the overall well-being of a country or region through its non-monetary values such as entertaining,raising awareness,challenging social norms and giving meaning to situations.

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  7. Culture is both a driver and an enabler of human and sustainable development. It empowers people to take ownership of their own development, and stimulates the innovation and creativity which can drive inclusive and sustainable growth.

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  8. creative industries create a worldview that is able to sustain all races when they portray their different cultures and therefore enable people to see different sides and appreciate instead of bashing one another, it creates equality as there’s no right or wrong until we think about it.

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  9. creative industries can (should) also question ideas, assumptions and the very idea of what counts as culture and economy 🙂

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  10. To be a mirror of the society and create solutions for problems that people in our society face instead of try to just better our selves financially and not thinking about our relatives that are struggling in the rural areas

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  11. The youth majorly are the next generation of experts globally with a major economic impact and with the digital world, they can easily do their businesses online from apps that have the items they have for sale. Online marketing is a global leading venture this days with nearly all the top leading companies following suite. Film creatives also get the opportunity to upload and share their creative work all over the world online from apps created by very young souls (youths) a perfect example is WhatsApp, Facebook e.t.c.


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