What did we learned last week – in an image?

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 14.51.29

Kearton & Kearton Taking a Picture of a Bird’s Nest. (Photograph in the public domain)

Minna and I (Andrea) are very curious to learn about the things that interest you at the moment. What new insights you have gained during your time in AKE? What do you want to do with those skills? To get a peak into what is happening in Nairobi we are asking you to send us a probe of how is life over there, in the form of a picture. Minna and I will also take our own pictures so you can peak at Helsinki and New York as well.


Take a picture of anything that represents an interesting insight, an inspiring observation or something you feel you learned during the last week.

We are not searching for pretty pictures nor we want to evaluate what kind of photographers we are. We will just be happy to have a glimpse of the kinds of things that are important right now. We also believe that learning takes place not only in the classroom, so feel free to point out also unexpected observations from your everyday life.

Take a picture (or draw something and take a picture of it) and share it with us!  Write a few sentences of 1) how that picture represents what you learned and 2) what people played a role in you learning that new thing.

end your snapshot my way (via email) before next Wednesday 18th of May.


We will share all the pictures (including our own) in the blog by next Friday when we collect them all. Stay tuned!

Looking forward


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