The Question of the Week: With Whom Will You Collaborate?

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.41.39 PMThank you…

…for your responses to the last week’s Question about your future clients. It seems that your client base will be either national (most likely) or local and international companies. This is important information already at this stage because different organizations have different needs as clients. They have different resources to hire you, and different ways of working.

So, looking forward, it’s good for all of us to keep all that in mind.





An equally important question:

Who Will You Work With? Who Will Be Your Partners, Collaborators and, possibly, Employees?

Please answer the Question of the Week below.

You can choose more than one option:



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Collaborating in the AKE Policy Workshop in 2015.



In the News [week of 25 April]


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The Question of the Week: Your clients?

Dear GESCI-AKE Participants:

You are now full-in immersed in the first phase of your program — congratulations!

Our job as Living Lab researchers is essentially to record important ideas, needs, and processes, so that we can contribute to the ideas for your work after AKE 2016. We know how busy you all must be — but would ask for your time once a week, sometimes once in two weeks, to share experiences, insights, wishes.

This week, the question is simple!

Who do you think will be your clients in the future — who will pay you for your creative products/services?

You may have several groups in mind, so choose all that apply:

Thank you!

In the News (week of 18 April)

GESCI runs innovative skills-to-enterprise program targeting the creative media industry in Kenya


Nairob 15 April 2016.

GESCI, an international NGO founded by the United Nations, is running an innovative program combining culture and digital technology dubbed ‘African Knowledge Exchange (AKE): – A Creative Media Venture’. The recently begun one-year program in Nairobi is offered to talented Kenyan artists seeking to master the latest digital technologies to develop and market high quality cultural products and services.

AKE III will combine the best practices of skills training and those of corporate business Living Labs to develop participants’ digital, leadership and entrepreneurial skills for employment and self-employment in the creative media industry. Twenty artists are enrolled in the program this year, coming from the mobile games and apps, animation and music production & sound industries.

Artists will have access to the full range of digital media equipment, software and tools in GESCI’s digital media production studio, allowing them to improve their creative media skills in three inter-related digital media – animation, games design and music& sound – and to jointly develop multi-media projects to industry standards. In a second phase of the program, participants will be guided and mentored by industry and media experts and business practitioners with the view of marketing their products and services and creating start-ups.

A cross-cutting course, ‘Culturally Inspired Music and Sound’, will ensure the cultural originality and authenticity of the prototypes and resulting products. The AKE III program is unique in that it features:

1. High level skilling and collaboration in three inter-related digital media (animation, games design and music&sound) leading to the development of industry-standard multi-media projects ;

2. A seamless transition from skills development to start-up creation with the support of industry, media experts and mentors;

3. A Living Lab “action research” methodology, which includes monitoring, evaluation and learning applied in the area of creative media skills to start-up creation;

4. A focus on Kenyan cultural expression in story, art, song and dance, which will inspire the participants to explore their own culture as they develop the multi-media projects. The Living Lab model underlying the program has been developed in partnership with Aalto University Media Lab in Finland.

It builds on research conducted on the needs of the digital creative media industries in Kenya and the response that alternative technology -infused upskilling projects such as AKE can provide. GESCI’s AKE initiative addresses the issue of youth unemployment through the development of informal skills – to- enterprise programs responding to industry needs. It is envisaged that the model developed by the AKE- Creative Media Venture will be applied to other sectors over the course of the next few years.

About GESCI: The Global e-Schools and Communities initiative (GESCI) is an international non-profit organisation based in Nairobi, Kenya. GESCI was founded in 2003, on the recommendation of the United Nations. GESCI’s mission is to assist governments in their efforts to promote socio-economic development, through the successful and widespread integration of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) for the development of knowledge societies.

For more information on GESCI visit

For more information: Victor Omondi, AKE Manager, GESCI,

Press contacts: Thanh-Hoa Desruelles, Senior Expert, Advocacy, Partner Relations and Communication, GESCI,, Tel: + 33 / (0) 6 72 65 44 25;

Shaylor Mwanje, Intern, Communications, GESCI,

In the News [Week of 11 April]

In the News (Week of 4 April)

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