In the month of March a keen interest on the ecosystem led us to finding out more about African: start-ups, people and the organizations behind restless creativity in the Digital Creative Media. One big question in our minds, “Is there a market for the DCM products and Services?” Looking at some of the success stories perhaps we can draw valid conclusions about commercialization of the DCM products and services.


AKE2016 _Animation Students consulting


Even though it is a satellite studio of other Ubisoft, Ubisoft Casablanca is arguably one of Africa’s most successful game companies. The company does not restrict itself to production of authentic African cultural animated stories but remains versatile in its production line given its international stature. It has curved a niche in producing top-of-the range Digital Creative Media (DCM) products that has remained consistent with American and European standards. Ubisoft Casablanca was created in 1998 and has taken part in development of over 26 games, namely: most recently- Rayman Fiesta Run and Rayman Legends in 2013 and Valiant Hearts and Child of Light in 2014. The game industry has been evolving at an astounding pace thanks to constant technological breakthrough and a dynamic competitive landscape.

The creative industries can be equated with growth seen through the universal Ubisoft as a Digital Creative Media (DCM) company that began in 1986 at Brittany France and employs well over 10,000 team members who deliver its products and services worldwide. In its Ubisoft stores you are certain to find, at competitive prices, a whole lot of game products such as Assassin’ creed Chronicles: Russia; Far Cry Primal; Tom Clancy’s The Division- Digital Gold Edition; Anno 2205; Tundra DLC and Many more.


Kuza Biashara Founder & Chief Mentor, Mr. Sriram Bharatam, is one of the most outstanding entrepreneurs dealing in start-ups. His Kuza Biashara venture specializes on providing a one-stop guide on “how to run your business”. In his online platform, he provides loads of videos on SME-Speak . These are specialized business videos documenting leading industry experts in corporate arena. They are videos of a sorted CEO’s, influential leaders and captains of industries with tracks of success sharing their stories on how to succeed as an SME.


It was acquired by AOL in 2010 but has since remained relevant in listing start-ups and technology news around start-ups. TechCrunch Inc. founded by Michael Arrington, the company that owned and operated TechCrunch and its network of websites dedicated to technology news, information and analysis, also operated a global network of dedicated properties from Europe to Japan, as well as vertically-oriented websites, including MobileCrunch, CrunchGear, TechCrunchIT, GreenTech, TechCrunchTV and CrunchBase. The TechMeme Leaderboard ranked TechCrunch as the No. 1 source of breaking tech news online, followed by AOL’s Engadget at around the time of acquisition.

Any budding Digital Creative Media practitioner cannot afford not to do research on this blog to find out how start-ups create value and how they are priced for the commercialization bit of it. It provides a window to the market for Animation, music and sound and games and Apps products.


Nailab is a Kenyan based startup accelerator that offers a 3 – 6 month entrepreneurship program with focus on growing innovative technology driven ideas. The company has succeeded in incubating several African authentic start-ups such as Ninja Prep; HISA Play; Young Freddie Clothing; Taskwetu; Sokotext amongst many others.


Therefore as we set to start with AKE 2016, I believe the participants are able to cast their thinking and energy towards tapping into the existing emerging markets through a dedicated R&D approaches as well as focusing on similar interventions as mentioned above. The course is timely and promises a fortune to the ones who toil to produce. The success of the creative industry has been predicted by and GESCI has a reputation of delivering such creative programmes following past achievements of the AKE Initiative: AKE’s Child Soldier project 2012 and AKE’s The Sound of The city project 2014 .



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