“Entry Survey”: Career Goals and Skills


On their first day of the Africa Knowledge Exchange 2016 – Creative Media Venture we asked you, the participants, to reflect on your career goals in five years, as well as describe the kind of knowledge and skills you still need to acquire to achieve those goals.

Here’s a short summary of the top-tier multi talents taking part in the Venture which include: digital experts, business leaders, and mentor-promoters:

  • Lead singer in a live band and producer/sound-pro/music marketing expert.
  • Sound designer for film (on location).
  • Mentor of aspiring  artists, able to help them achieve their dreams through exploration of people’s talents and abilities.
  • Creator and Manager for a sound platform targeted at upcoming musicians who can learn there how to produce and market their products.
  • 2D & 3D animator creating cartoons or animation films for the East African market.
  • Creator of an advertisement agency specialized in animation, and humorous projects; and owner of a rendering firm that will offer high-end images.
  • Top-tier game designer with own studio.

Learning needs and goals include both industry-specific (production, coding, different software knowledge, practical skills) and also generalist skills:

  • Communication, networking, connection-building.
  • General (self-)branding and marketing; including formal qualifications that can boost one’s brand.
  • Enterprise-creation, business practices; including:
    • Analysis and understanding of different markets and their needs.
    • PR and media promotion.
  • Evaluation and assessment of one’s work; feedback and advise from experts.
  • Talent-scouting; understanding how to support others’ talents.

4 thoughts on ““Entry Survey”: Career Goals and Skills

  1. Thanks to Ake2016 as an aspiring lead singer in alive band/sound pro the future is promising and i look forward for more in this field.

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  2. The Ake creative media venture is a timely programme and I look forward to expanding my knowledge and pushing through my creative boundaries in the ever growing digital media space.

    Liked by 1 person

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