Congratulations and welcome to the Living Lab!

Hello to everyone from Helsinki and New York and congratulations for having joined the GESCI-AKE Creative Media Venture!

The Living Lab is a part of the project you have just joined. LL is actually a method of innovation: It is a way to capture ideas from different participants and hone them during the creative processes of innovation.

We, Andrea Botero  (Helsinki) and Minna Horowitz (New York), are working with GESCI-AKE to record insights and to support the creative and biz ventures emerging during the project. This blog is the platform for all of us to share.

Living Labs have become a key tool in creative industries because they have radically mixed the roles of those who innovate. They are about the co-creation, exploration, experimentation and evaluation of innovative ideas. Living Labs are often used within companies to come up with new ideas and products. In that situation, end-users  and different experts of product research and development, technology, marketing and sales, all work together throughout the product design and testing process.

Living Labs are a relatively new concept in education – you are some of the pioneers!

In other words, we ALL together form a GESCI-AKE living laboratory of innovation, one that combines high-end practical skills and the context of business start-ups in creative industries.

We need you.

We will regularly ask you to participate in this blog. We will ask you to share your knowledge, thoughts, and insights. We will ask your take-aways from your training sessions, document your creative processes, and so on. We will also share resources here and invite experts from creative industries to participate here with their views and advise. And there’s tons of interesting background information on creative industries already from the last phase of the project.

So, let’s get started!

Please answer this very short “entry questionnaire” today (LINK HERE).

It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

We will share a compilation of your insights (anonymously) here in a few days.

Thank you!

Your insights are crucial in helping to make the various stages of GESCI-AKE Creative Media Venture relevant, interesting, innovative, and eventually sustainable.


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