Expert Insights by Expert-Practitioner-Participant Naftally Muriuki

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Naftally Muriuki, Nairobi-based media practitioner, shared his experiences of TSoTC

Naftally Muriuki is Nairobi-based teacher of media, as well as professional animator (and videographer and editor). He has kindly agreed to share his views as the participant – practitioner of TSoTC.

Here are some of highlights and take-aways from his feedback:

  • During TSoC Naftally Muriuki has collaborated widely with the different clusters and individuals of the project, either as a co-creator or by giving peer-review and feedback.  This seem to have been the case with several other participants as well, since many creative professionals tend to have several skills and areas of focus. This echoes the findings of the basic TSoTC survey — as well as broader experiences of mLabs: In innovation projects, the collective may overshadow the individual
  • Naftally Muriuki plans to do an individual project later, utilizing the takeaways from TSoTC. His core audience for his (still secret) creative product will be the youth — but he also sees other, very different stakeholders as important. His target is to simultaneously  show the the creative industry business sector that while animation might not yet be a big segment in Kenya, it has immense potential. This is a great example of the multi-stakeholder approach that can be embedded in innovation-centered projects.
  • Naftally Muriuki’s expectations of TSoTC and future AKE trainings: They have, and should continue to provide a learning platform but also an opportunity to network with colleagues, industry representatives, as well as funders and other stakeholders. This, again, echoes the findings of the preliminary survey that time and forums for networking (such as the upcoming Showcase) are invaluable.
  •  A practical tip: AKE Upscaling is being discussed in professional groups (e.g., in WhatsApp) – a great way to reach out to potential participants and collaborators.

(See the full interview here.)


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