Describe your Day (Wed December the 17th for the music team, or another day)

You all are working on the finishing touches of the The Sound of the City this week. How does a day (and an intense day at that) of a creative innovation process look like? Let’s document it!

Research that seeks to understand innovation almost always includes a part that documents the work process in detail.

So, if at all possible, take notes (written, images, sound, video?) or at least mental notes, about one day during your project. If you work on music, please describe  your Wednesday 17.12.. You can think of answering (some of) these questions, but do include any other issues, incidences, experiences or lessons learned, big or small:

  • What did you do on Wednesday, December the 17th?When did you work start, when did it end?

  • What was your main task of the day, what other tasks did you tackle with, what unexpected tasks came your way?

  • How did you plan for this day? Did you know your schedule and work assignments in advance or did many of your day and tasks unfold while working?

  • Whom did you work with? Who was a close collaborator in terms of work, whom else did you interact with? At which parts of the day?

  • What was the most rewarding task/assignment/part of your day? What was the most challenging?

Please remember that this is your experience of working in the The Sound of the City Team. Anything and everything you want to share is important. Any form (text, sound images; essays or lists) is fine – the choice is yours!

Please complete this reflection by Saturday, December 20th!
Feel free to post your reflection below or send us an email:


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