Describe Your Project

In the recent post we asked for your personal presentations, where you could write on your expectations, on your role – and, of course, we hoped that you would present yourself.

To deepen this presentation, we now ask you to present (briefly) the project you’ve been working with. While we aren’t asking for official pitch-style presentations, do remember, that your presentations might be read by stakeholders and industry professionals, so do present your project as you would present it to an “outsider”!

You can present your projects by using short videos, by presentations (use SlideShare to upload your slides, if necessary!) or just “plain” text. Some questions you can answer include:

  • What is/was your project? Why did you choose to do it?
  • What are you “saying” with your project? What’s your core message?
  • Is there a target audience? Who?
  • What is your target with the project – world fame, maybe?
  • What’s next? Is the project going to evolve, or is/was it an one-shot single project?

If you don’t have any current projects you’ll able to present, do present an earlier project you’ve participated to. After all, one of the targets of this practice is to get experience in presenting projects using blogging interface.


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